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Tru|med dispensary carries all your concentrates needs including patches, vape pens, shatter, and wax.
cannabis concentrate, wax, shatter, vape pen
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Larry OG honeycomb


Dry. Easy to sprinkle on flower.

Honeycomb is a concentrate made from a high-temperature purge under a vacuum seal. This technique causes the airy, honeycomb-like consistency.

Best ways to consume:
-Vaporizer Pens
-Over flower, in a pipe


Delicious. Easy to work with.
Wax starts off as glass-like shatter but then gets agitated with low heat and transforms into a fluffier, ear wax consistency. Wax is very fragrant and will stick together when squeezed.
Best ways to consume:
-over flower, in a pipe
-dabbing(nail and dome)

cannabis wax
cannabis vape bar

Concentrate Pens

Concentrates refer to concentrated forms of cannabis. The process of making concentrates focuses on
extracting only the beneficial compounds, or resin, from the cannabis flowers. Using one of many solvents, we are able to separate
the essential oils–which contain cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis plant matter. When made properly, a cannabis concentrate should be
reminiscent of the strain it was extracted from. The smell, taste, and effects are simply magnified due to a larger concentration by weight. Once in concentrate form, they can then be added to vape pens similar to those used for nicotine oils.

Crumble AKA Over-shatter

Fragrant. Easy to Handle.

Crumble, or over-shatter is an easy-to-handle, long baked form of shatter. Being in the low-temperature oven for a longer period of time causes it to
harden past the glass-like form and becomes crumbly. This process also makes it more fragrant and flavorful.

Best ways to consume:
-vaporizer pens
-over flower, in a pipe
-dabbing(nail and dome)

sour og crumble


Easy to handle. Easy to look at.

Shatter is a hard, non-sticky, stable oil. Its name comes from the ability to “shatter,” or break, the hard, potent, popular concentrate. It is produced via a low-heat, deep vacuum oven that purges off solvents and creates a form of medicine that is easy to work with.

Best ways to consume:
-vaporizer pens
-over flower, in a pipe
-dabbing(nail and dome)

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