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To our loyal Tru|Med patients,

As we look forward to the excitement of what adult-use recreational cannabis will bring in 2022, we want to take the time to acknowledge how much your loyalty and support have meant to Tru|Med over the last several years.  The unwavering dedication from our patients has allowed us to grow into the Tru|Med we know and love today.  We have continued to produce the highest quality cannabis products and built countless relationships along the way.  These relationships and experiences have brought much joy and happiness to our community. We look forward to the opportunity to not only build on the relationships we’ve already formed but also creating relationships with new patients who haven’t had the chance to see what Tru|Med is all about!

Tru|Med is dedicated and committed to growth. We understand that adult-use recreational cannabis will bring an increased demand for our products.  We are working hard to expand both our cultivation and retail to better serve the patients who demand the highest quality medicine and overall patient experience.

Our highest quality Tru|Med Top Shelf flower is now available for both Medical AND Recreational patients.  Depending on supply, you might occasionally see various Tru|Med Top Shelf strains reserved for Medical patients only but we’re hoping to keep up with the demand and provide this flower to everyone at all times.  Online ordering is also available for both Medical and Recreational patients.  

Click Here for our Menu.  

Online ordering will allow medical and recreational patients to reserve their products and will be held until the end of business that day. Online orders will NOT be considered express but instead will guarantee that your product is saved for pickup.  Online orders will be served based on arrival time. No phone orders will be taken.  We will continue to update our menu hourly to ensure accuracy.  We hope this allows our loyal patients the ability to medicate with the products they have relied on for the last several years.

To stay compliant with state law, as well as providing patients with the best and safest overall experience, we please ask that you bring a photo ID, as well as your AZ, issued medical marijuana card on each visit.  Both forms of ID will now be required at the check-in desk upon arrival. Thank you for your cooperation.

  We can’t thank you enough for the continued support you have shown us over the years.  We wouldn’t be here without our AMAZING patients!