Getting your Medical Marijuana Cannabis Card
Learn how to apply for an Arizona Medical Marijuana(MMJ) Patient Card from home, without visiting a medical marijuana certification center.
Medical Cannabis Certification, MMJ Card
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If you obtained a certification from your own physician (see step 1 for form) and have access to a computer, scanner, and internet, you may apply for an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card(MMJ Card) from home, without having to visit a medical marijuana certification center.


1. Go to Scroll down the bottom of that page and click on ‘Physician Certification Form’. Print the form and bring it to your doctor. They will need to fill this form out completely and give it back to you to scan it to your computer later.

2. Go to and click on ‘Patient Attestation Form’. Print this and fill it out completely. This is another form you will have to scan to your computer after it’s signed and dated.

3. Scan your Arizona Driver’s License to your computer.

4. Take a headshot of yourself, against a plain background. You can take this with your cell phone—that will work just fine for this. Scan this to your computer.

5. Go to

6. Click on ‘Qualifying Patient New Application’

7. Read the page, and hit the “Agree” button at the bottom

8. On the Patient Application Page:

a. Check the AMMA Box

b. Fill out all fields completely

9. Hit the “Save” button once you have filled out the form

10. Upload documents as instructed (Medical Marijuana Physician Certification form, Medical Marijuana Patient Attestation Form, headshot and driver’s license)

11. Enter payment Information and submit to the State.

12. You will receive a confirmation email, which lets you know the State received your information

13. You will receive your green patient MMJ card 1-2 weeks after your application is submitted. Bring this card into a dispensary, as you are now a certified patient!