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Rooted in Tradition, Cultivating Quality Cannabis for Generations.

As legacy cannabis growers we have been cultivating and breeding cannabis for many years, long before mainstream acceptance of the plant. As such, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of cannabis genetics, cultivation techniques, and the overall culture surrounding the plant. 

As legacy growers we have often faced significant legal and social challenges in our work as well as stigma and discrimination from society at large. Despite these challenges, as legacy growers we have continued to cultivate and preserve rare and unique cannabis strains, passing on our knowledge and expertise to the next generation of tru|growers.

Today, as the cannabis industry continues to expand, legacy growers are often respected and celebrated for our contributions to the cannabis industry and culture but we also have  a responsibility to source high-quality, unique strains for our products and protect and preserve the plant’s original culture and traditions.


Check out our featured strains below!


Legacy Bred

featured Strains

Gypsy Soap


Mistress #5


pineapple burst cannabis strain

Pineapple burst


Apple Banana x Gelato 25 cannabis strain

Apple Banana Gelato 23


Pineapple-Petrol-5 cannabis strain

Pineapple Petrol #5


Sherbanger OG


rainbow sapphire


Pineapple-Petrol-5 cannabis strain

girlfriend weed


King louis


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