dispensary employees
Patient educators at tru|med dispensary assist patients in finding the proper medical cannabis that best treats their conditions.
dispensary, patient educators
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Get to know the tru|team!


'My name is Lauren and I have had the pleasure of taking part ownership of tru|med from the beginning where I work as the onsite Registered Nurse/patient educator. As a nurse, I strive to promote health, prevent illness and alleviate suffering. It's important to educate all patients on proper usage of cannabis and truly believe that medical marijuana can improve a person's quality of life. I'm proud and very blessed to be a part of the tru|med family.

Lauren RN, BSN


I'm Luke and I have worked for tru|med since March 2015. I love sports, especially when watching them from the couch. I will never say NO to a dab of Lucid Dreams shatter (unless I am working of course). Then I will ask for a rain check. I hope you will visit tru|med and ask for me!


General Manager

My name is Larry and I have worked for tru|med since January 2016.. When I'm not being a ninja or gym rat, you can find me hiking the great outdoors with a nice hybrid. In the evening, I enjoy watching movies with the finest indica Tru|Med has to offer.


Assistant Manager

I'm Nate and I have worked for tru|med since January 2017. While away from Tru|Med, I do a lot of cooking and farming. I was in the kitchen scene 8 years before getting involved in the cannabis industry. I also volunteer at a farm up north in my spare time.


Assistant Manager

My name is Shane and I first started at tru|med in December of 2015. Medical marijuana has been a big part of my life and I am very passionate about what we do. When I’m not helping patients I can be found watching baseball, skateboarding, or making ceramics.


Patient Educator

My name is Kirstie and I have been working with Tru|Med since we opened in August of 2013. I really enjoy being a part of this growing industry and feel so fortunate that I got involved from the beginning. I enjoy helping patients with their overall well-being and hope to continue to put a smile on each patient’s face. In my free time, you’ll find me on the mountain snowboarding or at the lake hanging out with my friend, ‘King Louis’.


Patient Educator

My name is Jerad, AKA ‘J-Rad’ and I have been working for Tru|Med since August of 2014. Whenever I’m not working at the dispensary helping all of you beautiful patients, I enjoy expressing myself and expanding my mind through art, snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking and traveling to various music festivals.


Patient Educator

What's up guys?! My name is Matt and I started here at Tru|med October 2016. Recently relocated from the east coast, I've always been eager to work in the MMJ industry and be in a position to help patients find a product that can benefit their wellness & future.


Assistant Manager

Hey, my name is Jake and I've worked at TruMed since January 2018. I've been living in Phoenix my whole life and I've loved every minute of it. I love the outdoors and anything that involves them including hiking, fishing, boating, swimming, off-roading and anything else that involves being outside! I'm really excited to help spread knowledge and educate people on medical marijuana and the wonderful things it can do for you!


Assistant Manager

'Hey y'all! My name is Katelan and I've worked for tru|med since July 2018. I’m from Georgia! I graduated from Georgia Southern where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in fashion merchandising and business. I have a deep understanding and appreciation of the health benefits of cannabis and how it can work in many different aspects of life. Huge dog lover, love to see the fur babies.


Patient Educator

Hello! My name is Sonny and I've worked for tru|med since December 2018! I’d say I’m a pretty upbeat/funny guy at times. I can’t contribute everything to cannabis but it definitely helps! Some of my favorite things about cannabis are the healing & calming effects it tends to have for me personally, especially when combined with CBD. I never need much, just enough to make myself feel comfortable in whatever situation I find myself in.


Patient Educator

What’s going on guys?! The name is Manny and I started at TruMed in June of 2019. I stay medicated and educated, always learning so I can spread the knowledge. Cultivating cannabis is my specialty! Stop by TruMed and let’s talk cannabis!


Patient Educator

My name is Diarra ``DMoney the host`` known for my welcoming personality and willingness to go above and beyond. I've worked for tru|med since July 2019. I enjoy building positive relationships as well as guiding patients on proper cannabis care. I have distinctive knowledge in marijuana and effects and the ability to infuse foods with decarboxylated products.


Patient Educator

My name is Maizy but around tru|med, I go by “Chucks” because you’ll always find me laughing. I've worked for tru|med since September 2019. Valley Girl has been my favorite strain from the moment I tried it. Hope to see you at tru|med soon!


Patient Educator

My name is Dillon and I have integrity. I've been working for tru|med since October 2019. I also am a bright young man who enjoys helping and educating like minded individuals that consume cannabis and want to learn more about Medical Marijuana.


Patient Educator

Hey everyone! My name is Malorie and I started at TruMed October of 2019! I moved here from Minnesota a few years back and couldn’t be more happy to be soaking up the sun and educating patients on medical marijuana. In my off time i’m usually trying to stay active with kayaking, hiking, bouldering, and snowboarding. Hope to see you at tru|med!


Patient Educator

I'm Brett and have worked for tru|med since November 2017. Cannabis has been a passion of mine my entire life. After constant research and experimentation around the valley, I have found tru|med to always be the leader who constantly pushes its boundaries in the field. I'm honored to be chosen to be apart of the tru|team where I can dedicate myself to educating others. Film production and outdoor adventure are two others I enjoy. Catch me hangin' in Sedona with my TruTeam!


Patient Educator

Hey! I'm Bex and have been working for tru|med since April 2020. I moved to AZ from Chicago in 2014 for more sunshine! In my free time, you'll catch me teaching yoga, hiking, eating cookies, or napping. I have no pets but have 9 plants I take care of! 😉 I'm a total plant lover, go figure! So happy to be a part of the Tru|Family!


Patient Educator

My name is Rachel and I've worked for tru|med since March 2020. I fell in love with tru|med as a patient because of the atmosphere, quality products and excellent customer service. I am a flower girl and learned quickly that it was the best flower in AZ! I am so grateful to now be working with amazing people, products and patients in the cannabis industry!
When I'm not working, I enjoy hiking, bicycling and traveling. I LOVE dogs and regularly foster four-legged friends in my home. I look forward to continuing to learn more about cannabis to better serve our tru|med patients!


Patient Educator

Howdy! The name is Jason and I’ve been working for TruMed since May 2020. I was born and raised here in the valley. Outside of work I enjoy spending my free time experimenting in the culinary arts and discovering the mysteries of the universe🪐 I look forward to helping you navigate your way through the world of cannabis.


Patient Educator