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As Arizona’s only tru boutique dispensary, you can expect highly curated cannabis products. From our flower to our extracts and edibles you can expect the highest quality cannabis.

Stop by for a quick pre-roll or come by and stockup. Our expertly trained budtenders are here to make sure tru|med is the only dispensary you will ever want to frequent.

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Flower, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and topicals. Your one stop shop for all your cannabis needs.

Variety At Its Finest

Flower, carts, concentrates, we’ve got ’em. Edibles, extracts, and topicals. We’ve got those too. Check out our menu and let us know if you don’t see what you are looking for.


Expertly grown, perfectly cured, and painstakingly trimmed buds can all be yours if you stop in for some our famous tru|med flower. You won’t find better nugs or prerolls anywhere else.


Whether your prefernce is to dab, vape, or mix with flower, you’ll find our concentrates to be dripping with quality.

cannabis peanut butter cup


Who said edibles couldn’t be delicious? Fruit chews made wih real fruit, Cosmic Clusters, and decadent peanut butter cups are just a few of the mouth watering options on our menu.



tru|med dispesary has won numerous awards for everything from our flower to our concetrates and edibles. Visit the ERLL cup website to view AWARDS from previous cups.

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Straight out of tru|med cultivation

We Believe in Quality

Our concentrate line, Drip Oils and Extracts, is simply the best because we start with our tru|med flower. Quality in means quality out.


Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a cannabis extract that is named after the Canadian engineer and medical marijuana activist Rick Simpson. It is a concentrated oil that is made from the cannabis plant using a solvent extraction method. RSO is made from high-THC strains of cannabis and typically contains THC levels ranging from 60-90%, with varying amounts of other cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN.


THCa is the precipitated solid resulting from the process of making our sauce. It can be further separated and cleaned up to create a much purer extract that is very high in THCa (98%+) with little to no terpenes. This extract produces a very clean medicated sensation without the heavy entourage effects of terpenes. 


Caviar is one of our most limited and boutique items due to the time required to make it and the inputs being used. It is a handcrafted product utilizing our top end cannabis nugs that are dipped into melted shatter and then rolled in kief, completely engulfing it. This product is intended for the patient looking for an extra kick in their medication using the highest quality material that our cultivation offers. 

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Just because we’re the best of the best doesn’t mean we are the only game in town. We carefully source and bring you the best cannabis products from across the state. Everyone likes to try try new things and we’re no different. Stop by for some great flower from other top brands like Nugz and Alien Labs or grab some great fast acting gummies from Kushy Punch (powered by Drip RSO). Don’t forget to check out some truly artisan products like the Diablo Migar and Nebula Nectars vegan and sugar free THC syrup.

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We are located 3 miles north of Sky Harbor airport behind the EZ Trip on the northeast corner of 40th St and McDowell Rd in Phoenix, AZ.

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